Best UX Courses to learn more about UX and product design

For all who wants to improve their skills in User Experience, Interaction Design and Product Design, Here is a list of the best UX courses that will help you to excel in your UX Career.

1- User Experience (UX) Research and Design Micro Masters (Free Audit)



This is a micro master course, which consists of 9 courses discussing different topics and subjects:

  • Introduction to User Experience
  • Principles of Designing for Humans
  • Evaluating Designs with Users
  • UX Design: From Concept to Wireframe
  • UX Design: From Wireframe to Prototype
  • Understanding User Needs
  • UX Research Surveys
  • UX Research at Scale: Analytics and Online Experiments
  • UX (User Experience) Capstone


2- Interaction Design Specialization (Free Audit)



This is a specialization, which consists of 8 courses discussing different topics and subjects:

  • Human-Centered Design: an Introduction
  • Design Principles: an Introduction
  • Social Computing
  • Input and Interaction
  • User Experience: Research & Prototyping
  • Information Design
  • Designing, Running, and Analyzing Experiments
  • Interaction Design Capstone Project


3- User Experience for the Web (Free)



This is a quick introduction course for user experience design. It’s for novices who wants to enter the field of user experience.


4- Interaction Design Foundation (€12 per month)



They offer more than 25 courses about user experience and interaction design. Their courses targets the beginners and the experts in the field.


5- Product Design By Google (Free)



Product design course that will teach you how to perform design sprints to design, prototype and test your ideas.


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