Six Tips For Getting Your First UX Job

first UX job

  If you are starting your journey as a user experience designer, or you are interested in this field and want to start with it, you need to work very hard to be of the great designers you are inspired by. Thinking of what to do in this phase is worrying and stressful. You in this phase have a little or no experience, you need the experience to get a good job and you need a good job to have

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What Is Design? It’s Really A Hard Question

2017 09 11 17 00 02 940x400 - What Is Design? It's Really A Hard Question

What is design? It seems to be a stupid question for a lot of people, but thinking really about the definition of such a word is really a very hard thing. When you say the word “Design” to 10 people, I’m sure you will get 10 different definitions, they may have common things of course but everyone has his own perspective when defining this amazing word. I was trying to search and collect some definitions for the word “Design” to

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The One & Only Needed Skill For Designers

pexels photo 212286 940x400 - The One & Only Needed Skill For Designers

  If you lose all your skills as a designer, and you have to choose just one skill to remain in your skills list, what this skill would be? It’s a hard question to answer. One skill ONLY is very hard to choose among a lot of skills and experiences any designer must have. I thought that problem solving is the most important skill for a designer. But wait, what if I was solving the wrong problem?   “ If

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