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Project Description

Derayah: Research Project For Online Trading Platform

Client: Derayah
Role: UX Researcher
Time Frame: 2 Months
Industry: Stock Market
Live Website:

“Derayah is an online trading platform”


The Problem

Derayah wanted to redesign their trading platform, but first, they wanted to conduct a research to understand their competitors, users and how to improve.

The Solution

We started first by understanding the stock trading market, the terminologies used in this business and how people trade.

We moved then into identifying what are the areas we want to research, understand and what are our goals from this research.

Finally, we provided our client with a presentation with all our findings and recommendations on what we need to do next.

The Team

We were two UX researchers working on this project. We divided the tasks among us and collaborated until delivering the final report.

Derayah Research

Competitive Analysis

We wanted to understand how other competitors (Global & local) are doing, what about their features, usability and competitive advantages.

We identifyed 7 competitors with the help of the client to assess their mobile and web experience against Derayah solution. Our analysis was among the following parts:

General Information

We worked on collecting general information about our competitors: Their type, monthly traffic, number of downloads, strengths, weaknesses and competitive advantages.

Also, we took screenshots from these solutions to help us during the design phase of the project.

Heuristic Evaluation

We reviewed each of these solutions against Jakob Nielsen’s ten usability heuristics. Each competitor was evaluated and took a score from 1 to 10 to identify its usability.

Features Assessment

In order to understand each solution, we conducted a features assessment for each solution to understand their features, what are the areas they are focusing on and what makes each one unique.

Also, It informs us about how Derayah is positioned against each competitors, what areas they are doing good in and what areas need to be improved.

Understanding Users

It wasn’t possible for us to do some user interviews with real users to understand their needs, demands, problems and goals.

So, we used an alternative way that help us somehow to understand the behaviors and attitudes of our users.

We noticed that the users of Derayah are highly active on Twitter, Forums, Telegram and YouTube. So, we joined their groups, watched their videos and participated in their forums.

We were able to understand some of the goals and pain points of our users and their opinions and experiences while using Derayah and other competitors.

Final Results

Finally, we presented all of our findings to the client. We have summarized our findings and rank competitors based on our assessments against Derayah.

Also, we found out that there is no solution at this moment that satisfies our users and there is a huge opportunity of Derayah and a lot of areas that we could work on.

We have recommended a plan for Derayah to work on understanding the users’ needs in depth to inform our design phase.

Lesson Learned

  • High quality work speaks louder than words. Convincing clients to do something is done better by providing a high-quality work not by just talking.
  • There is always a solution. Find out solutions for your problems rather than blaming others. There is always an alternative way for the same goal.
  • Don’t focus on features. As a UX designer, don’t focus on features and think that more features equal better software. Users don’t need features, they need solutions for their problems.


-Deliverables For This Project Are Confidential. I Can Present Them Upon Request.-


Thanks for reading. If you have similar project, don’t hesitate to contact me.




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