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Project Description

Tremvo: A B2B Meeting Management Solution

Client: Tremvo
Role: Interaction Designer
Time Frame: 1 Year
Industry: Business
Live Website:

” Tremvo is a meeting management solution that manage the meetings from planning until reporting.”

The Problem

Tremvo is a business strategy consultation, they didn’t have any online presence. they wanted to build they online presence as it became essential for companies like them to have an online presence.

The Solution

We focused on the whole process of conducting a business meeting: Planning, during the meeting, follow up and reporting. We started by understanding more about meetings and how productive business meetings look like.

We had three different personas that need to be satisfied: Top management, project managers and employees.

We worked in an agile working process to get feedback faster from clients and correct our direction easily.

The Team

I worked as an Interaction Designer with one team member and a UX manager. I started working on the middle of the project and I was assigned to transform features and stories into concrete interaction designs with all scenarios and cases covered.

I handover my work to developers each week to start implementing them.

Tremvo Cover Photo

Interaction Design

Each week, I started with some features and stories that was identified by the UX manager and project manager to start working on the interaction & visual design.


As it was a highly interactive product, I used storyboarding as the design technique for illustrating the interaction designs.

I started each storyboard with a goal that the user is going to achieve (Example: Add a new project).

Then, I work on the journey of the user and the different interactions he will encounter until he achieves his goal.

The storyboards have two elements: Actions, which is the actions that user can do and Transaction, which is what will happen when he take such actions.

Tremvo Storyboarding

Use Cases

I used use cases for the different cases and scenarios that can happen while the user is trying to achieve his goal. (Example: For “Add new a project”, the user may encounter that the server is down, the user entered a wrong format for something).

The use cases is very helpful for developers to work on the different cases and scenarios the user may encounter.

Tremvo Use Cases

Visual Design

For visual designs, I provided developers with three main things that help them during the development phase: Dimension sheets, typography and visual assets.

Final Results

I worked on this project for six months, as the moment I left the company, the product has been sold to different clients who started using it.

Clients were satisfied using Tremvo and they have some requests for more features that we were collecting these requests, understand them and study whether they will be helpful or they need some improvements.

Lesson Learned

  • UX Research is a MUST. This was one of my first projects in the field of UX and I have learned that doing interaction design without user research will not guarantee the success of the product.
  • Convince with your work. You can’t convince the management with any investment in UX without a high quality work and results.
  • Knowledge only is not enough. Knowledge about UX and reading about it is not enough to be a good UX designer, combining knowledge with practice is the best way to learn about UX.


Thanks for reading. If you have similar project, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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