Redesigning The D.GmbH Website (Quick Challenge)

Overview & Challenge

The D.GmbH started their journey in 2007 in Cairo, Egypt with a mission to discover and promote new technologies and a passion for making something they love.

The challenge here is to redesign the company website and improving the user experience and the usability.

Discovery Phase

I started here with doing some competitive research for software companies in Egypt to learn more about this industry and how software companies present themselves in the digital world.

Then, I worked on identify the problems with the current website based on the competitive research and my experience with usability and user experience. I identified these points as the issues that needs to be solved in the next version of the website:

  • Adding a call to action button above the fold will help to increase the number of conversions.
  • Simplifying the navigation by moving “Join Us” form to the footer.
  • Including case studies or some of their work in the Homepage will provide a proof of their abilities and build trust with customers.
  • Adding more than one blog post in the Homepage will encourage users to explore blog posts.
  • Say Hello & Subscribe has the same weight. I assume that the goal of the website is to bring customers so minimize subscription field weight is a solution.
  • Adding the contact form on every page without navigating to Contact Us page will be easier for users to contact.
  •  Unifying the Icons used for the services to be consistent. Some of them now are filled and others are outlined.


Design Phase

I started working here on the site map for the website, I made it very simple with 3 top navigational items only: About us, Services, Blog and a Contact Us button that navigates to the contact form once clicked.


Site map


After that, I started a 30 minutes brainstorming session to generate different sketches ideas for the website homepage.

Starting with a 6-8-5 sketching techniques. I refined the sketches until I chose the final sketch that will be implemented.




Transforming the sketches to a wireframes was the next step. Using Axure, I transformed these sketches from concepts on papers into a solid wireframes design.

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