Social Proof In Design: Examples From Airbnb, Dropbox, Hubspot & More

mac social proof

We all remember the crowded people in front of the Apple store waiting for the next iPhone or iPad, some of these people staying over night to purchase their new product. Not only people in front of stores, but all the media, influencers and social networks were talking about the new Apple product. Everyone was talking about Apple and its new product asking “ should we buy the iPhone?”.     This is a great illustration for the term social

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Why do user experience designers need to learn psychology?

Have you ever asked yourself why people are not doing what you intended them to do with your designs? Have you ever tried to persuade people to do something through your design — Maybe signing up, sharing something or buying your product — and the results were awful to you? Or you decided to draw a road map for your user to be guided through your site and they took another direction that wasn’t intended? Or you intended to do something to catch your

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