Information Architecture Vs.User Flows: Understanding The Difference

main1 940x400 - Information Architecture Vs.User Flows: Understanding The Difference

  What makes you open Google? Why you use apps on your phone like Airbnb, Duolingo, Twitter, and Quora? Why you open these apps every day?! Actually you use them to search for something you need to buy, for example, search for an apartment for your next trip, learn some Spanish, post some tweets about your self or ask professionals for help. You use any app or website for two purposes, whether to find an information (Pizza dough recipe or

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Affinity Diagram: Bridging The Gap Between UX Research And Personas

affinity diagram

The output from Contextual Inquiry is not a neat hierarchy; rather, it is narratives of successes and breakdowns, examples of use that entail context, and messy use artifacts. – Observing the User Experience: A Practitioner’s Guide to User Research Book Bridging the gap between user research raw data and creating personas is one of the biggest challenges for UX designers. UX designers need to transform insights, problems, observations, ideas, concerns and pain points into a concrete format to be able

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