UX Psychology Series: Design Delightful Experiences With Unexpected Rewards

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  Pleasurable and delightful experiences are one of the top goals for any successful product. Products nowadays – and with the increasing awareness of the importance of the user experience – are aiming for more than usable and easy to use products. Usability clears the way for a good experience by eliminating troublesome interface distractions, but a great experience stems from something more—an awareness of why people could or do are. – Seductive Interaction Design Revolutionary products focus on the experiences

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Best 5 UX Books Released In Q1 2018

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  UX is a field that is changing rapidly and every day there is something new that emerges and to keep yourself updated with new thoughts, technologies, and practices you need to acquire knowledge whether through books, articles, videos or any other method. I have written two other articles about books recommendations here and here, and today I’m listing 5 of the newly released UX books in quarter one 2018.   UX Books 2018 For Q1   1- How to Get

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Six Tips For Getting Your First UX Job

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  If you are starting your journey as a user experience designer, or you are interested in this field and want to start with it, you need to work very hard to be of the great designers you are inspired by. Thinking of what to do in this phase is worrying and stressful. You in this phase have a little or no experience, you need the experience to get a good job and you need a good job to have

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8 UX Advice For Beginners UX Designers (From My Experience)

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  “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” ― Albert Einstein I read a lot about UX before getting my first UX Designer job, I was asking about UX advice from experts and, I was very interested in UX and it’s practice and how designers think and solve users’ problems using logical thinking and creative thinking together. I was very interested to start my work as a UX Designer, work with other designers and apply all my readings and knowledge

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10 Non UX Books That Will Help You To Become A Better UX Designer

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  Reading about user experience is a great way to improve your skills and learn more about the field. But as we all know, the user experience is a multidisciplinary field that intersects with a lot of other fields: psychology, cognitive science, business, ergonomics, industrial design, human-computer interaction and more. So, reading about user experience is not enough. We need to learn more about these intersecting disciplines and in this article, I provide you with a list of great Non UX

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Never Ask About The UX Process

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Whenever I attend any meetup about user experience or join a group for people interested in user experience, the first question I already encounter is ” What is your UX process? “. I know they are not asking about the high level process: Discover – Design – Validate. Thinking about this question and trying to figure out the answer for it, I always has the same answer “It depends on your project“.     If there is an ideal UX

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Why You Should Hire A UX Designer For Your Startup?

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As a product designer, I encounter daily a lot of enthusiastic people who are building their new startups with wishes and dreams to be the next Uber or the next Airbnb. Unfortunately, most of these startups end up failing with a lot of frustrations and damages. I came across a finding that 90% of startups fails. A survey of failed startups found out that “lack of a market need for their product” as the single biggest reason for their failure.

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The Best 5 New UX Books Published In 2017

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  Nowadays, one of the most important habits for a successful UX designers and product designers is to learn and expand their knowledge and experiences through books, articles, working on side projects and courses that will boost their skills. This is a list of the best 5 new UX books that have been published in 2017 and will help you in boosting your UX skills and experience. The Five Best new UX books list 1- Designing Bots: Creating Conversational Experiences  

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11 UX Resources that user experience designers will love

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  This is a collection of UX resources and sites for inspiration and to find the best practices for your designs, It’s a simple and easy way to explore UX in a practical way.     UX Resources UserOnboarding User Onboarding is the process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product. Learn some lessons from how popular web apps do it. Little Big Details Your daily dose of design inspiration, They offer a daily UX

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Best UX Courses to learn more about UX and product design

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For all who wants to improve their skills in User Experience, Interaction Design and Product Design, Here is a list of the best UX courses that will help you to excel in your UX Career. 1- User Experience (UX) Research and Design Micro Masters (Free Audit)     This is a micro master course, which consists of 9 courses discussing different topics and subjects: Introduction to User Experience Principles of Designing for Humans Evaluating Designs with Users UX Design: From Concept

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