What Is Design? It’s Really A Hard Question

What is design

What is design? It seems to be a stupid question for a lot of people, but thinking really about the definition of such a word is really a very hard thing.

When you say the word “Design” to 10 people, I’m sure you will get 10 different definitions, they may have common things of course but everyone has his own perspective when defining this amazing word.

I was trying to search and collect some definitions for the word “Design” to help me deeply understand the nature of that word. I found these interesting definitions that inspired me a lot.


Design is about progress. It is the conceptualization and creation of new things: ideas, interactions, information, objects, typefaces, books, posters, products, places, signs, systems, services, furniture, websites, and more. – UIC


Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction – Wikipedia


Design is what links creativity and innovation. It shapes ideas to become practical and attractive propositions for users or customers. Design may be described as creativity deployed to a specific end. – The 2005 Cox Review of Creativity in Business


Design is a work process which has a user perspective and drives development based on your specific customers’ needs. – SVID


Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer — that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs


Design is a blend of art and science. Design is a result of well-refined elements which has passed through a problem solving and creative thinking process from the table of a professional designer. – UID


Design involves finding solutions that fit the user, task, and context of use. – Usability Body Of Knowledge


Each definition looks at design from a different perspective which builds a solid understanding for us about design. at the end, I have a question for all readers.

“What is Design?”




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