What is user experience and why it is becoming more important now ?

ux - What is user experience and why it is becoming more important now ?

What is User Experience Design ?

According to Wikipedia:

” User experience is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.”

On Interaction Design: Beyond human-computer interaction book, User experience was defined as:

“How people feel about a product and their pleasure and satisfaction when using it, looking at it, holding it and opening and closing it, it includes their overall impression of how good it is to use, right down to the sensual effect small details have on them.”

So user experience is:

“The overall experience one has with a product or a service he uses.”

Every product or a service that is used by someone has an experience: ketchup bottles, mobile applications, books, door handles, chairs, microwaves and coffee makers.

User experience is what you feel when using your coffee maker or iPhone. The product design, shape, functionality, the way it works and how usable it is, how effectively it do its job and the way you feel when interacting and using it.

Why is User Experience Design become more important now?

I think the importance of user experience is increasing rapidly because of the following reasons:

    • Use experience looks beyond the functionality and the aesthetic of the product, and with the world full of products with almost the same functions the user experience design became a way for companies to have a greater competitive advantage over each other. Also, because of products with same functions people now are searching for products that will not only do their jobs but also make them feel happy when using these products.
    • The increasing number of services over products which enables users to switch between services more easily. In the past, People purchases products to use so it was difficult for them to buy another one and pay money again if they don’t like the first one so they stick with the first product for a period of time. Example: If you download a browser and you don’t like it simply you will delete it and download another one.
    • User experience focuses on the user and the enjoyment of the user when using the product or the service which results in increasing the user satisfaction and pleasure making a good relation between the product and the user. As a result, the user will become loyal to the product and will recommend it to other people which of course will be a competitive advantage for the product.
    • With an increasing number of functionality and features, products became more complex, hard to use, difficult to understand and not doing their job effectively. with user experience focusing on the user needs it will handle this complexity with useful, easy to understand and easy to use products focusing on the user needs not a complex product full of features that are so hard to use.